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Benefits of Better Drinking Water

Water Facts

  • 75% of your body consists of water

  • Two thirds of the population do not drink the recommended daily amount

Thirst is a poor indicator of mild dehydration. Look for:

  • Dry, itchy skin

  • Tired or groggy during day

  • Headaches and dizziness

  • Lapses in concentration or heartburn

  • Lower back pain or dark yellow urine

Drinking enough water improves the function of your body, including your circulatory, assimilation and digestive systems, your ability to regulate your body temperature and your joint lubrication.

Weight Control

  • Eliminate as many as 250,000 calories from your diet!

  • About 33% of caloric intake comes from sugary drinks

  • Water has 0 calories and helps suppress hunger

Convenience & Cost

  • Reverse Osmosis systems cost only pennies per gallon

  • Replacing sugary beverages with great tasting water will save you money

  • No lugging or storing heavy 40lb bottles

  • Bottled water quality right at your fingertips

More Than Just Drinking

  • Perfect for drinking, cooking, juice, soup coffee, tea, ice cubes.

  • Pets & plants love it too!

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